Seminyak Beach- Bali, Indonesia

Debating over Kuta and Seminyak?! Hands down Seminyak wins!

In essence this is a much nicer version of Kuta, better restaurants, nicer beach but still the same volume of tourists which seem to predominantly emanate from Australia as it’s only a short flight.

IMG_2424The beach is a long stretch of golden sand with waves any beginner surfer would be begging to have a try at catching. Similar to Kuta you can take surf lessons here for the same sort of price (200,000 IDR) but the beach is nicer and there seem to be quieter spots so it isn’t as crowded when you’re trying to catch a wave.

There’s a good mix of budget, mid-range and high end accommodation with some hotels charging as much as $1000 dollars a night, in fact Bali has the highest volume of over $1000 a night hotels in the world! Personally I stayed in a mid-range hotel, Harris Hotel and Spa Seminyak, this is way out of my normal budget but luckily for me I had two very generous friends visiting from back home who paid for the hotel!!! The hotel itself is a pretty nice chain hotel, on a normal day you’d pay $30-40 a night for a room, it has 3 swimming pools, an onsite restaurant and for 100,000 IDR you can have an all you can eat buffet breakfast in the morning, which is an occasional nice splurge if you’ve got a day of jam packed activities ahead and need a power meal. 

IScreen Shot 2017-07-01 at 16.02.14n my opinion, Seminyak definitely wins over Kuta when it comes to food, there’s a huge range of restaurants ranging from the cheap Warung’s offering a mix of Indonesian food from 15,000 IDR to more upscale restaurants which generally charge Western prices. It’s also a more health conscious area so the huge volume of fast food joints are replaced by quaint cafes serving up a delightful selection of healthy food and delicious juices and coffees. A number of the restaurants have swimming pools attached to them, so not only can you grab some excellent food you can hang out and have a swim!

IMG_5159Sunsets in Bali are a must, hands down some of the most epic sunsets I’ve seen and there are a few awesome places to watch them. For the budget traveler head to the beach, grab a couple of Bintangs from the convenience store and soak up the last of the sunshine as the majestic colours illuminate the sand and sea.

For those wanting to soak up a good vibe you’ve got several options: 1) Potato Head Beach Club – An awesome spot for sunset, drinks are pricey (almost the equivalent to London) but the vibe is cool and the infinity pool overlooking the beach is stunning        2) W hotel – Just down the beach from PHBC is the W hotel, a luxury spot offering classic cocktails and tapas overlooking the beach with a prime view of the sunset.

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 16.02.26Personally I’d always recommend Seminyak over Kuta, the entire vibe of the place is next level, although it remains as ‘touristy’ it still retains a cool vibe offering a range quaint cafes and boutique hippy / surfer shops through to the upmarket restaurants and bars Seminyak really does have everything to cater to any type of individual on any budget. For me this is the ideal spot to start your Bali adventure, miss Kuta and head straight here for a few days before heading off to explore other parts of the island.

For more information and video footage of Seminyak & Kuta Beach as well as Bali and other amazing spots for budget travel, check out my YouTube VLOG!

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