Uluwatu Cliff Temple

IMG_0174Right in the South of Bali is Uluwatu, one of my favourite areas in Bali! The beaches here eclipse those of Kuta and Seminyak, if you’re looking for peace and quiet with beautiful surroundings these are the beaches to head for, which you can check out more on here.

Sitting atop a 250 foot cliff is the majestic Ulutwatu Cliff Temple, Pura Luhur. It is a stunning example of a Balinese temple and the views from the cliff top overlooking the temple are pretty magical, particularly in the early evening when the sun starts to set and the colours in the sky change to a golden/pink hue.

IMG_0220Once you arrive you’ll head for the ticket booth and purchase your ticket for 30,000 IDR, which gives you access to the temple and the walkways surrounding the cliff. If your knees/legs are showing then you’ll be given a sarong free of charge to wear so that you are dressed respectfully to walk around the temple site.

At 6pm everyday the fire and dance show takes place in a large arena, for an extra 100,000 IDR you can sit and watch the hour long show which shows off some of Bali’s traditional dance. Personally I didn’t pay the extra fee as there are many places to watch traditional dance so I can’t tell you much more about it other than I’ve heard it’s a pretty good show!!

Back to the temple… once you’re dressed in your sarong you are free to roam the temple and cliff-side area as you please. The walkways are beautiful, surrounded by flowers with the sea lapping against the cliff 200 feet below you it’s a stunning area to walk around for a few hours. The temple itself you can only see from the cliff-side and can’t get up close to as it is reserved for those that still use the site as a place of worship.

IMG_0209The walkways are surrounded by Monkeys, so be careful! Whilst they look cute these monkeys are a bit of a nightmare and will steal just about anything that isn’t locked down! So watch your sunglasses and keep your backpack closed and nothing in the side pockets as they have a tendency to jump on your back and dig around in your backpack… this is talking from personal experience!

IMG_0182You can arrange tours to go and visit the temple site but it is very easy to do it on your own and it will save you a fair amount of money. I’d recommend that you rent a scooter and drive down there as the drive is beautiful and you will have the freedom to stop wherever your fancy on the way; especially since some of the most beautiful sites are the hidden beaches around the south of Bali!

If you are in or around Uluwatu this is a must visit site, personally I loved walking around the clifftop, the mixture of temples, statues and breathtaking views all make it an incredibly worthwhile and cheap afternoon of sightseeing!

Have you been to Uluwatu Cliff Temple? What did you think?

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