Gitgit Waterfall – Bali’s Best Waterfalls

IMG_0341Located about 10km from Bali’s main town in the north; Singaraja or about a 90 minute drive from Ubud,  the twin waterfalls of Gitgit are a reminder of the unending power of nature, and one of Bali’s best waterfalls to visit!

One of the reasons why I personally loved Gitgit Waterfall so much was because the twin falls are never overly crowded and there are plenty of opportunities to stop off and watch the playful monkeys along the drive up.  A visit to Gitgit could easily be combined with a morning spent at the Lake temple of Pura Ulun Danu Beratun, heading to the falls after lunch for a refreshing dip in the natural pool.

IMG_0368Getting to the Falls:                                                                                                 You’ll want to park on the main road and then walk down the concrete pathway to reach the waterfalls themselves. There will be a number of guides on the road offering to show you the waterfalls and trying to convince you that you won’t be able to find them…. Trust me if you can walk in a straight line they are impossible to miss, so don’t worry about the guides and just do it yourself!

Once you start heading down the track you’ll see a small shack where you have to purchase your ticket to enter for 20,000 IDR, I’m never really sure what this money is for but it’s less than $1.50 so isn’t going to break the bank! Keep following the track through the lush greenery of the forest and listen for the roar of the waterfalls and there is no way you’ll miss them!

IMG_0373Upon arriving at the base of the waterfalls there are a couple of concrete shacks where you can get changed if need be, but if you appreciate privacy I’d recommend you come prepared in your suit ahead of time. After crossing a rickety wooden bridge you’ll be at the base of a 40 meter cascading twin waterfall: two gigantic powerful streams of water pouring in from either side with a fairly large pool where you can swim…the water is absolutely freezing so don’t hang around thinking to long, just dive straight in!

IMG_0381One of the locals told us the pool is over 20m deep because of the erosion caused by the waterfall and there are a couple of boulders on the side of the waterfall where any dare devils in your group can dive, backflip and have a bit of fun. Don’t worry it’s super deep and we never got anywhere near the bottom! Just be careful on the rocks as they are obviously slippery; and some of the outer areas are quite shallow which is perfect for sitting and taking in the stunning view.

IMG_0356There is another 40-50m waterfall directly under Gitgit which is well worth the walk to see and there is a small shrine at the base of that waterfall. You can’t swim in this part of the waterfall so once you’re done having a dip in the pool under Gitgit head down here to take some cool photos of this behemoth of a waterfall!

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