A Guide to Ubud, Bali- Indonesia

IMG_1480Made even more famous by the Julia Roberts film Eat, Pray, Love; Ubud has become a huge tourist hotspot in Bali, although it’s busy during high season it still retains a lot of it’s charm and can suit any type of traveler.

If you’re looking for peace and tranquility overlooking the rice paddies or getting right in the mix in the hustle and bustle in the centre of town you really can find anything and everything to suit.


Whether you’re looking for a budget hostel, mid range hotel or luxury villa you’ll find anything in Ubud! Ranging from $3 hostels to the iconic Hanging Gardens of Bali for $800 Gading homestay rooma night, Ubud has accommodation to suit every type of traveler, as a budget travel website clearly i’m going to tell you about some of the awesome budget options to choose from, I was travelling with a friend so went for budget homestays, but solo travellers should check out the hostels listed below as well:

Kailash Homestay

Dead in the centre of town this place is an awesome little homestay! $12 a night for an air conditioned double room, it had one of the best rainfall showers I found in Bali! It’s a small homestay with a handful of rooms but the hosts are incredible, breakfast every morning was a selection of fresh fruit, choice of omelette or pancakes, fresh tea and coffee everything you need to set you up for a busy day exploring!

Gading Homestay

This is run by the brother of the owners of Kailash and is equally as awesome! About 1km outside of the centre of town the place is beautiful, brand spanking new, 5 rooms all Gading homestay breakfastdecked out to high quality standards and less than $15 a night for a huge double room, with an actual bath! This place does the best breakfast ever, just check out the photo to see how amazing it is!

There are hundreds of hostels in Ubud ranging from $5-$8 a night and I’ve heard good things about:

Mahuna Muwu – Tunjung Hostel and New Ubud Hostel

The other option is to try out AirBnB if you are in a decent size group or even as a couple as Bali as a whole has an incredible range of AirBnB’s for really reasonable prices!


Hundreds to choose from, there are restaurants to suit any type of budget from the Soto Ayam - Warung Biah Biahseriously upmarket Kubu at Mandapa which I’ve heard rave reviews about but is way out of my budget, to Bridges which offers a set menu for a reasonable price (still too high for me) to your local run Warungs offering up delicious local cuisine for no more than $3… now that’s my kind of place and these are three of my favourites:

Warung Biah Biah

My favourite cheap Warung in Ubud, set down a small side street off the main road through Ubud this place is always packed! A small menu offering up traditional Indonesian dishes and a selection of Indonesian style tapas, main meals cost around 20,000 IDR, tapas dishes range from 7,000-10,000 IDR and everything is absolutely Fair warung - Chicken currydelicious! Oh and beer is cheap as well at 30,000 IDR for a large bottle of Bintang, can’t go wrong having a delicious Nasi Campur and beer for less than $3.

Fair Warung Bali

An incredible community project which is definitely worth a visit. Yes it is a slightly more expensive option than what I would usually advise. As it is rated in the top 10 on Tripadvisor, be sure to book in advance as the restaurant only seats about 25 people and it is always packed. All of the profits go towards funding hospitals and healthcare all over Indonesia and all the employees are young adults from impoverished backgrounds, a genuine charitable project which serves up incredible food. Main meals range from 50,000 – 100,000 IDR, everything is delicious and you know the money is supporting and improving people’s lives.


Located on Jalan Hanoman in central Ubud, for the health conscious amongst you this place is a perfect spot, all locally sourced ingredients offering an incredible selection of healthy clean food, with an amazing selection for Vegetarians and Vegans. This is a really cute little restaurant and the food served not only looks healthy and photogenic but it tastes incredible. The hearty Bowl ‘o’ Chili was incredible, a massive portion with rich tasty ingredients all for 55,000 IDR, the salads also looked incredible and everything is designed using locally sourced, organic products. Oh and the desserts are meant to be incredible but I never had enough room to try one!

Things to do:

IMG_1224Sacred Monkey Forest    A 10 acre forest with thousands of monkeys and lots of cool little temples, 5 minutes outside of Ubud town centre

Rice terraces – Tegallalang   Iconic Ubud attraction, terraced rice paddies set in lush greenery within the village of Tegallalan

Pura Tirtal Empul  10th Century temple where you can cleanse your soul like a local, 30 minutes outside Ubud and well worth a visit

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 11.59.48Ecotourism centres – Luwak Kopi Coffee   Hundreds of Ecotourism centres can be found around Ubud, all of which say they offer Luwak coffee, beware of some of the fakes and check out my favourite here

Tegunangan Waterfall   Premium waterfall about a 30 minute drive outside waterfall and one of Bali’s most powerful

Black Sand Beach  Located east of Ubud this is a real spectacle, charcoal black sand of significant importance to the locals for cleansing and purifying the soul whilst banishing evil spirits

IMG_3527Goa Gajah / Elephant Cave  An 11th century Hindu cave temple constructed in worship of Brahma, incredible stone carved temple with a cave entrance surrounded by the mouth of Brahma

For any mindset, level of activeness, or budget, there is always something to do in Ubud, Bali. These just happened to be some of my favorite things that I did during my time here, and I hope that the personal guides for each location are informational and help you in deciding what to do while visiting this amazing country!

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