Amazing Lombok Waterfalls – Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep

Transportation: Rent a motorbike for the day and explore the incredible beach roads along the journey

Costs: Entrance fee: 10,000 IDR, Motorbike: 60,000 IDR

Suggested Time: Dedicate a day to the drive and exploring the epic scenery around Northern Lombok

Let me just start off by saying these waterfalls are epic… now I use that word a lot, but these ones are pretty amazing and what is even better is the scenic drive up there!

IMG_2524I’d recommend that you rent yourself a motorbike from Sengiggi for 60,000 IDR and enjoy sweeping coastal roads with some of the most incredible views in Indonesia. As soon as you get out of the town centre you are on perfectly paved coastal roads, with barely any cars winding around the coast line with incredible views over pristine white sand beaches, cerulean blue waters and lush greenery. Honestly, in my opinion the drive around the north of Lombok is beautiful and infinitely better than the crowded streets of Bali.

Tiu Kelep waterfalls are about an hour and half drive from Sengiggi, They are not the easiest to find and because of past earthquakes in the area. if you try and take short cuts, like i did, you’ll find that the bridges have all collapsed leaving you with the choice to either drive your bike through the river or turn back around, I’d recommend just staying true to the navigation.

Here is the best directions I can give: when leaving Sengiggi stick to the main road that winds around the north of the island Jalan Raya Bayan, follow that road for about 80km until you get to the small village of Seneru, this is the village where most people stay when trekking Rinjani. Don’t turn off before you reach the village, even if or Google tells you to because the roads are either dirt tracks or collapsed from earthquakes! Take a left at the village before you reach the mosque and just head straight up the hill, you’ll pass loads of guesthouses, restaurants and if you see exhausted looking westerners you are definitely in the right place. Keep driving up the hill and eventually you’ll see signs for the waterfall entrance, if all else fails ask the locals and they will happily show you!

IMG_2533Entry to the park is 10,000 IDR, once you grab your ticket you will immediately be surrounded by local guides offering their services, explaining that while you can get to the waterfalls there is a secret waterfall that you won’t find without them… this isn’t true, the ‘secret’ waterfall isn’t easy to find but it isn’t difficult either and I’ll talk you through it.

The first waterfall is Sendang Gile, follow the path down past the ticket office and you can’t miss it, there’ll be various tour groups walking down there and within 10 minutes you’ll arrive at a single waterfall cascading through the lush dense green forest and smashing into the rocks below, there’s a fair amount of tourists around here local and international so you’ll have to bide your time for photos, it really is beautiful. However the best is yet to come!

You’ll see most people head straight back towards the ticket office, clearly they haven’t heard about the secret waterfall! As you head back up there is a dirt path on the left of the stairways, take that path and it winds around the side of the mountain until you reach a bridge. Cross over the bridge and keep following the track and you’ll come to two rivers, this is the fun part as you’ve got to cross the river… if you are wearing shoes just face the fact they are going to get wet! The first river is pretty calm, the second a little bit more fierce but they are easy enough to cross and never more than knee deep.

IMG_2560Keep following the trail and the thunderous noise of the waterfall, clamber over the final boulders and you’ll be greeted to the magical scene of Tiu Kelep.

A plethora of waterfalls ending their journey all in the same spot flowing through the deep green forest, the spray from each fall creating magical rainbows and incredible colors. This place is special and one of Lombok’s best kept secrets.

If you’re lucky you’ll be the only people there! The sheer force of the waterfalls mean you can’t get too close but just watch in awe, as the sun beams off the spray creating incredible colors and the lush greenery gives it a Jurassic Park feel! If you are in Lombok spend the afternoon hunting for Tiu Kelep as this place is truly magic!

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