Hidden Bali Beach – Black Sand Beach – East Bali

Transportation: I’d suggest you rent a motorbike for the day

Costs: Entrance fee: Free, Motorbike: 50,000 IDR

Suggested Time: Best early morning or late afternoon, the sand is too hot otherwise!

Nearby Attractions: Spend a few hours here after visiting Tenenungun Falls

IMG_1488I’ll start by letting you into a secret, It’s almost impossible to know exactly what this beach is called and I could never find on any other blog posts what it was actually called… so to find the beach use Google maps and type in Saba Beach or Pantai Pering. Most of the locals refer to it as Saba Beach and I would have never found it had it not been for my host at Gading Homestay letting me in on the secret!

This beach is incredibly popular with locals but not so much with tourists, in fact I didn’t see any tourists the entire afternoon I was there. Why is it so popular with locals? As Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 13.08.30you’ll know by now reading any of the other pages on Bali, the Balinese Hindu’s take cleansing seriously and this beach is another way to wash away impurities. So when you visit you’ll see locals placing offerings in small hand-weaved bamboo baskets on the beach or at one of the shrines lined along the beach, as well as cleansing themselves in the sea water.

I’ve been to other black beaches, in the Canary islands and Malaysia but those beaches have not compared to how stunning the black sand is on this beach! Dense black sand Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 13.08.48lines the beach and even if you dig down in the sand you’ll still see nothing but darkness… Bali is obviously volcanic hence why the sand is black but it is still an incredible sight to see sand as black with no imperfections or variations of color.

There is no entrance fee for the beach so you are free to walk up and down it as you please. The top activity is probably people watching as locals present their bamboo basket offerings or cleanse in the sea water, when I was there I was even treated to a local artist drawing pictures in the sand Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 13.09.25with a piece of bamboo. Be warned due to the blackness of the sand it is as hot as coal, so don’t take your flip flops off or you’ll be racing to the sea to soothe the burn on the soles of your feet!

As the sun goes down you’ll be treated to some amazing colors over the tops of the palm trees, which add to the majesty of the beach. This isn’t one of those beaches you’ll see in every guide book as it only seems popular with the locals so take my advice and head down there for an early morning or late evening stroll,  spend some time people watching, and enjoying the fresh ocean air and magical views.

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