Pura Tirtal Empul – Holy Spring Temple Bali

IMG_1331Pura Tirtal Empul – Holy Spring Temple Bali was by far my favorite temple in Bali, this place is completely magical and for me personally was the highlight of Central Bali!

Transportation: renting a motorbike is by far easiest

Costs: entrance fees are 15,000 IDR, locker and sarong 10,000 – 15,000 IDR, and motorbike rental 50,000 IDR

Suggested Time: you can easily spend 3 hours exploring the temple and refreshing your spirits here!

Nearby Attractions: this activity could be done in conjunction with a visit to the Rice Terraces Tegallalang

IMG_1379Visitors, both foreign and Balinese come for the holy spring water that flows from dozens of showers which offer self-cleansing, that is cleansing of the soul not when you’re hot and sweaty in need of a shower! Balinese Hindu’s traditionally visit the temple once a year to cleanse their soul for the coming year and many report a feeling of euphoria during or after the cleansing process…. I can’t say I personally experienced anything close to that but I did feel incredibly refreshed and my skin was radiant!!

Situated about a 40 minute drive from Ubud, the temple was built in 962 AD and consists of three sections, for most, the best section is the two gigantic spring water pools with Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 16.48.09over 30 pots that gush freezing cold spring water over visitors. However there is more of the temple to explore with the traditional Balinese statues which are always epic, although the highlight remains bathing in the clean spring water with small fish swimming around you.

There are several traditions that you will need to observant and respectful of and I’ll guide you through them. Firstly when you arrive you’ll pay the 15,000 IDR entrance fee and if you aren’t wearing long trousers you will be given a traditional Balinese sarong to wear in the temple, this is not the sarong you can wear into the pools so wander around Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 16.48.28the temple first before you enter the cleansing area, this doesn’t take long as the buildings are no more impressive than other temples, it’s the cleansing pools that sets this temple apart from the rest.

Once you’ve explored the temple on the far right hand side, as you face the entrance to the pools, her there is a changing area where you can rent the traditional green sarong which is the one you must wear inside the pools. It’s 10,000 IDR to rent the sarong and you can also get a locker for all your valuables for 5,000 IDR. You can wear swimwear under the Sarong but I went authentic and opted for my birthday suit, so just ensure you tie the sarong correctly and tie the small red belt you get with the green sarong nice and tight!

Now is the time to dive into the cool water pools, not literally as you need to try and enter gracefully! Starting from left to right the idea is that you wash your head, face and IMG_1360hands under each of the 30 odd showers to fully cleanse your soul from evil spirits, for prosperity and to purify your body and soul. It can be extremely busy so you’ll have to be patient to move from one to the next and you’ll quite often find that people go in various different directions, although the idea is to move from left to right.

The photos don’t do this place justice! Check out my VLOG from that day below, to better view this temple!

This is one of those awesome experiences while traveling, where you have the opportunity to really immerse yourself into a culture. It was so educational and memorable immersing yourself in the cool fresh spring waters, and observing the traditions, and you really do feel completely refreshed afterwards! This was a highlight for me in this region and I’d recommend anyone traveling in Bali to come check this place out!

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