Tegenungun Waterfall – Bali’s Best Waterfalls

IMG_1455Tegenungun Waterfall – Bali’s Best Waterfalls

Transportation: renting a Motorbike is easiest, you can get a taxi from Ubud if you don’t want to rent a bike.

Costs: entrance fee of 10,000 IDR, motorbike: 50,000 IDR

Suggested Time: visit anytime of day, spend an hour or two swimming under the falls, and don’t forget to bring a bathing suit!

Nearby Attractions: spend a few hours here on the way to the Black Sand Beach

IMG_1458Situated 10km south of Ubud this is another example of one of Bali’s premier waterfalls, in my opinion it is not as impressive as the Twin Falls of Gitgit but well worth a visit to cool off and get some Instagram worthy photos!

It takes about 25 minutes to reach the village of Tegenungan from Ubud, driving down pleasant paved roads through small villages surrounded by greenery and wide open paddy fields. The village itself is pretty much just a village set up because of the waterfall, there’s various shops selling the standard market stall wears you’d find all over Bali and a couple of restaurants selling mediocre food for more expensive than you’d want to pay… but that’s not what you are there for!

It’s 10,000 IDR to enter the falls and you grab your ticket from a little shack at the entrance… typical Bali style! Short walk to the village and you’ll get to a viewpoint where IMG_5443you can enjoy the panoramic views over the lush green valley with the cascading waterfall as the masterpiece in the centre. You’ll then have a sudden realiZation that you’ve got a short hike down about 200 stairs to get to the base of the falls… it takes about 10 minutes so don’t worry as going down is easy, going up not so much, but it’s totally worth it for the refreshing dip in the falls.

Once at the base you can head to the pebbly shore and marvel at the sheer volume of cascading water, it really is epicly powerful; so much so that trying to swim to beneath the waterfall is strongly advised against as the currents are so strong. So unless you swim like Michael Phelps you won’t have much chance of getting anywhere close to being underneath it!

Year round the water flows pretty powerfully from the falls, especially during the rainy season (April-October) but you’ll also be advised by the locals against swimming in it after a particularly heavy downpour due to the high risk of flash floods in the area.

I would highly recommended this fall for a visit especially if you are on your way to or from Saba Beach (the Black sand beach) from Ubud!

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