Bali’s Best Beach Clubs

PHBC clubAs a quick disclaimer this guide to Bali’s best beach clubs goes against my budget travel ethos… Bali beach clubs are NOT cheap!! However once in a while you need a blow out whilst travelling and I can think of no better place than Bali to splash a little bit more cash than usual! There are a fair few ways to drink for cheap in Bali, if you want a bit of a special event though one of these three beach clubs is ideal:

Potato Head Beach Club

I’m starting off with my favorite, Potato Head Beach Club, because PHBC is awesome! You arrive to an incredible building which has won accolades for its architectural prowess designed by Andra Martin and you’ll then make your way down towards the beach where you can grab a beach bed table suitable for 6 people which has a minimum spend of 1,000,000 IDR (about $75 USD)… I told you it wasn’t cheap!! The infinity pool overlooking the ocean is epic, there’s a swim up bar in the pool and while I was there I experienced one of the best sunsets that I saw in Bali. We were a group of 12, so we had Finns swimming pooltwo beach side tables which were comfy futon style beds with a table in the middle. The table service is excellent and I never had to wait long for my drink to be refilled! Sticking to what I considered a decent choice of drink I sunk numerous rum and cokes, for 90,000 IDR a glass ($6.75 USD), it’s all premium grade spirits so the prices are higher than i’d ever normally pay but for the surroundings and the ambiance was well worth the cost! You can grab beers for 50,000 IDR and the food is pretty delicious and relatively priced considering the surroundings you are in. If you are looking for somewhere to indulge a little bit then look no further than PHBC!!

Finn's logoFinns

Another famous beach club in Bali, sat right on the beach Finn’s is another great spot for a spot of daytime drinking in amazing surroundings. The prices are almost identical to PHBC, beers for 50,000 IDR, spirits and mixer start around 90,000 IDR and cocktails are 150,000 IDR. Same as PHBC the beach beds are 1,000,000 minimum spend and can seat up to 6 very comfortably and 8 at a squeeze. There’s a beautiful pool, overlooking the beach and sea and the service is decent as well. Why PHBC edges it for me is that the sunset was much better from PHBC, maybe just the day we went or maybe the ambiance and people I was surrounded with. No doubt though Finn’s is another awesome spot to enjoy a daytime drinking session if you are open to splashing the cash one day!

FullSizeRenderSingle Fin’s

A different spot to the others, rather than being set right on the beach Single Fin’s is split over 3 floors on the mountain side, overlooking one of the premier surf spots in Bali. Playing an eclectic mix of music to suit most styles Single Fin’s is an awesome spot to watch the surfers who are of a professional standard slicing up the waves while having a couple of cocktails. Beers are 50,000 IDR and cocktails start at 100,000 IDR, I never ate there but the food looked pretty incredible and a main dish would set you back 100,000-200,000 IDR. Single Fin’s is a great spot for the sunset and to watch the surfers in action, once the sun goes down the party kicks off until late into the night!

There are plenty of awesome beach clubs to visit, Sunday’s is another one that I wish i’d had the chance to go to and when I’m back will be sure to check out. As I said at the start these spots are not cheap but if you’re in Bali and you’ve stuck to some of my money saving tips from other countries then you should have a bit of spare cash to splash as Bali is certainly one of the better places to indulge yourself more than usual!

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