Bali’s Best Beaches In Uluwatu

Pantai Melasti VW camperMy guide to Bali’s Best Beaches in Uluwatu: to watch my video scroll to the bottom of the page, or read on for more details!

Getting There: the easiest and quickest way to access the beaches is to get a motorbike to go between all the beaches, some hotels will do transfers to specific beaches

Costs: some beaches are free, the most you’ll pay is 10,000 IDR

Suggested Time: I’d recommend you spend a whole day exploring as many beaches as you can in search of your perfect spot

Nearby Attractions: Check out Uluwatu Cliff Temple if you have the time

Let’s just start off by saying, for me, these beaches are infinitely better than the overcrowded, slightly dirty beaches in Kuta and Seminyak, if you’re looking for a serene place with golden sand, bright blue sea and gorgeous views then this is the area to head for!

Here you’ll find a selection of the beaches in Uluwatu and you can see for yourself which one you’d like to visit:

Balangan Beach

Technically this is in South Kuta, right around the corner from the sensational New Kuta golf course but it’s only a short drive from Uluwatu. Sitting beneath a cliff you’ll have to climb down about 100 steps to get down to the beach, a pretty common occurrence at Bali’s beaches! Once down the steps you’ll be greeted by golden sand, decent surf if that’s your thing and beautiful views. You’ll have to rent a beach bed if you want any shade, as there aren’t many palm trees to plot yourself under, negotiate hard and you can get two beach beds for 50,000IDR for as long as you want!

Padang Padang beachPadang Padang Beach

One of Bali’s premier beaches commands a price… 10,000 IDR for entrance to a beach! Slightly mental I know, one of a handful of beaches that you actually have to pay to enter and being the cheap traveler I am I didn’t pay! So how do I know how good the beach is? From the road above the beach you can see the clear white sand and rolling waves, trust me the beach is beautiful hence why you have to pay the price. If you’re going to be there for the whole day it is well worth the price seeing as it equates to about $0.75!!

Balangan BeachGreen Bowl Beach

A small entrance fee for this beach mainly for the parking space which is 5,000 IDR but if you want a spot away from any of the crowds this might be the place, as it’s one of the most secluded beaches I went to, in fact there were 3 people there the entire afternoon I spent there! You arrive to a small car park with a couple of warungs and a small temple, you’ll start a climb down the cliff face… don’t worry there are steps, you don’t have to scale a cliff to get to it! After a couple of hundred steps you are greeted by a secluded stretch of coarse white sand with a pretty huge cave where you can shelter from the sun. In high tide the beach can disappear completely so try and get there early morning or late in the afternoon…money saving tip if you arrive after 5pm for sunset the man who collects money at the entrance has gone home, so you can enjoy the final hours of sun completely free like I did!

Green bowl beachPantai Melasti Beach

This might be my favorite beach in Uluwatu… partially because it’s completely free but also because it stretches along the cliff for a long way and interconnects several different beaches. The drive down there is pretty awesome as well, windy cliff side roads with awesome views over the Bali coastline. Not only is the beach beautiful and less crowded than Kuta or Seminyak but for you Instagram lovers there some pretty iconic places to take photos, the VW camper on the edge of the beach is prime territory for those perfect IG snaps! This beach is also home to one of my favorite statues of the Monkey God surfing on a turtle… WTF?! How much cooler can a statue get eh?

Watch my video VLOG from our day exploring the beaches to look at the amazing views and decide which beach you may want to go to, or did like we did and visit them all!

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