Ubud Rice Terraces – Tegallalang

IMG_1256Getting There: renting a motorbike is by far the easiest or you can get an Uber from Ubud

Costs: suggested terrace donation of 10,000 IDR, motorbike rental 50,000 IDR

Suggested Time: arrive early around 9am to beat the crowds, spend 2 or 3 hours

Nearby Attractions: you should consider doing it in conjunction with a visit to Pura Tirtal Empul

If you’re in Ubud these terrace are probably high on your list of things to see, famous for it’s incredibly beautiful tiers and amazing photo opportunities. What makes these IMG_1284terraces unique is that they were built using the traditional irrigation system called Subak, which was supposedly passed down by a holy man in the 8th century….. or it was just a clever way to properly water the rice in a hot climate, I prefer the holy man story!

Located about a half hour drive from Ubud there are several ways to get to these terraces,  options include: tour groups but I’d always avoid them as they are overpriced, Uber which will still work out cheaper than a tour or you can do what I did and hire a motorbike. The reason I chose a motorbike is that the drive is pretty scenic and relatively easy as long as you’ve had experience driving a scooter or moped previously, and it allows you to visit other spots on the same day for a fraction of the cost.

IMG_1259Once you get to the rice terraces the landscape is beautiful, it’s still an actual rice farm but the owner has opened the terraces to the public. Technically that means it’s free although as you venture around trekking through the terraces there will be various points where you’ll be asked to make a donation, 5,000 IDR per checkpoint is what I’d recommend… they may ask you for more but stand your ground as that was always enough for me!

You can trek all around the rice terraces, weaving up and down small cobbled paths gaining different perspectives of the terraces themselves. Some of the best photo IMG_1265opportunities in my opinion are from the opposite side of the main road where you’ll be dropped off, so venture down the path and then climb back up the opposite side to get panoramic views across the terraces.

It’s easy to get lost for a couple of hours, so if you find yourself getting hot or needing a break there are plenty of coconut and drink sellers where you can grab some refreshment and enjoy those breathtaking views.

Bare in mind that this is a prime tourist attraction so there are always a lot of people milling around taking hundreds of selfies, so to avoid the crowds get down here early at IMG_12708-9am and it won’t be nearly as busy as mid morning or the early afternoon when tour groups tend to turn up.

An awesome spot to visit that I would highly recommend and a perfect stop off point on the way to Pura Tirtal Empul (The Holy Spring temple) which you can read about here!

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