A Guide to Trang, Thailand


Trang is in my opinion one of the nicest provincial capitals in Southern Thailand with an incredible food scene and amazing to spots to view magnificent scenery and landscapes. This town is well worth a visit, especially if you’re traveling to or from Malaysia by land!

Trang is not a particularly well traveled tourist destination, and while you may see western families and the occasional backpacker it is still well removed from the types of crowds and party seekers that frequent Phuket and Phi Phi. There isn’t a huge variety of things to do in the town itself with the exception exploring the food scene which mixes Chinese roots, with Thai Muslim cuisine; however if you enjoy trying new tastes, the food of Trang will definitely take you on a culinary journey!

The province of Trang has its own magnificent islands which are more peaceful, and a bit less touristy: from the magnificent reefs of Ko Kraden to the specatacular ‘Emerald Cave’ on Ko Muk, all of Trang’s island destinations are easily accessible by minibus/ferry from Trang, or can be covered in one day as part of the 4 Islands Tour.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 21.42.25Where to stay?

Nokhook House – This is probably the best hostel to stay in Trang, a choice of 4 bed, 8 bed and private double rooms all spotlessly clean, modern and with exceptional facilities. Prices start from ฿260 for a 4 bed dorm, which also includes a decent breakfast. It’s located a 5 minute walk from the night market and the staff can organize day tours to the islands, onward travel to Malaysia or travel within Thailand and all for reasonable prices, granted they take a commission but it isn’t as bad as a lot of hostels.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 21.23.43Where to eat?

The best place for cheap and delicious food is the main night market, known as Centerpoint, which runs in the center of town just off Rama VI, one of the main roads in Trang. The market is an assault on the senses, with tasty food to choose from everywhere you look, some of the stalls sell upwards of 15 different types of curries!! You’ll find various snacks to choose from: spring rolls, Thai fish cakes, etc. and there’s plenty of Pad Thai on offer for ฿30 as well as an array of Thai desserts, you can get a three course meal for less than ฿80 if you choose wisely!

I sampled this incredible Thai dessert which I never found out the name for nor did I see anywhere else in Thailand, it was a strawberry flavored crushed ice, with strawberry yogurt and a choice of various different toppings including marshmallows, crushed Oreos and sprinkles. Refreshing, delicious and cheap it was a palate cleanser after sampling so many different types of curry and savory snacks, and if you can spot one I would highly recommend sampling this whilst in Trang!

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 21.21.32On the weekends there is also a market by the railway station and in this area you’ll find a lot of cheap eateries, serving a mix of Western food, Thai, Indian and Chinese. In my opnion this market is nowhere near as good as the main night market that runs every night but is worth checking out if you want a change of scene.

Top Things to Do

Trang Botanical Gardens- One of the closest attractions to Trang is the Botanical Gardens, famed for it’s canopy walkway which takes you up above the trees for a birds eye view. The Garden is only a 20 minute drive out of town it’s the perfect spot to get amongst nature in lush green surroundings and add a bit of excitement by exploring the canopy walkways.

Four Islands Tour- One of the best tours I’ve been on in Thailand, the Four Islands Tour takes you to Ko Kraden, Ko Muk, Ko Ngai and Ko Rok. This  tour samples the best of the Andaman Sea and these islands offer fantastic snorkeling, amazing beaches and beautiful natural sites such as the ‘Emerald cave’ of Ko Muk. Tours leave from Trang and Ko Lanta but they are considerably cheaper from Trang, so make sure you do this activity if in Trang!

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