Four Islands Tour – Trang

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 22.13.19This is an overview of the Four Islands Tour – Ko Kraden, Ko Muk, Ko Ngai and Ko Rok

Getting There: pickup will be arranged as part of the tour from your hostel / hotel

Costs: ฿650 Includes all transportation, snorkeling gear, entrance fees and lunch / refreshments

What to Bring: sunscreen and an underwater camera if you have one, everything else is provided!

I’ll be honest I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this tour; I’d seen the exact same tour advertised in Ko Lanta for more than double the price and wasn’t prepared to pay that much for a tour, so when I saw it advertised for half the price I was apprehensive to say the least! Turned out that the tour was awesome, cheap and covered some incredible scenery.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 22.14.53We were picked up from our hostel bright and early at 8am and driven the 90 minutes to the ferry port in Trang province. After registering with the authorities on the ferry port we jumped on our bright pink and green ship ready to explore some of the beautiful islands that we could see on the distant horizon.

After a relaxing 20 minutes on the boat the first stop was snorkeling beneath the vast limestone karsts of one of the smaller islands. We were instantly surrounded by thousands of tropical fish in crystal clear turquoise water as soon as we jumped off the boat! There were so many different species of fish it was difficult to keep up with! After 40 minutes exploring the coral reef beneath us it was time to jump back on the boat to hit our 2nd snorkeling stop.

The 2nd stop was less impressive as the water wasn’t as clear so the visibility wasn’t as good, however the water was warm and the scenery breathtaking. Back in the boat after Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 22.16.41the stop we were given some light refreshments before heading on to what was to be the highlight of the tour, Ko Muk’s ‘Emerald Cave’.

The Cave is absolutely breathtaking and the legend behind it was awesome, according to our guide it used to be a pirate cave… no I’m not joking, think Pirates of the Caribbean but in Thailand! The pirates knew how inaccessible the cave was  and so it became an ideal place to hide all the treasure they’d found while out pirating and pillaging!

Once you arrive at the entrance to the cave the tour guide will give you a lifejacket (this is mandatory) and line you up in a snake like formation all holding on to the person in


front. This is so that it is easy to lead you through the cave as once you are inside it is pitch black. After a few minutes of darkness rays of light will pop up on the walls of the cave, the water will become shallower and you will be treated to a breathtaking cove perfect for pirate plunder.

While exploring Emerald Caves and the surroundings you’ll be treated to towering trees growing on the limestone karsts, a beautiful unspoiled beach, giant butterflies flying overhead and cerulean blue water. The scenery is absolutely magical.  You’ll be given about an hour to explore the cove before heading back into the cave and back on the boat for lunch before cruising on to the next stop. Lunch is a decent selection of Thai food including noodles, rice, vegetarian dishes, fish and meat with plenty of fresh fruit and beverages.


The last stop on the Four Islands Tour is the beach on Ko Kraden, where you can spend most of the afternoon relaxing on the stunning shore, grabbing a drink at one of the beach side shops or even going for a snorkel in the shallows. You can stay on Ko Kraden overnight but I’ve heard that it tends to be a bit pricier for accommodation and food compared to Trang and other nearby towns. After peeling yourself away from the perfect white sand beaches of Ko Kraden, it’s time to head back to the boat and head back to shore to be dropped back off at your hotel or hostel.

Given the price of this tour, I cannot recommend this adventure enough! I’d definitely recommend taking the tour from Trang rather than Ko Lanta as it’s half the cost and takes you to the same spots.

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