Amazing Chinese Temple, Miri – Borneo

After leaving Brunei and heading for Miri, I start exploring the city with my new American friend, we head out of the city about 3km to see the Chinese temple which is absolutely magnificent, after the temple we walk back to the hostel and stumble across a graveyard dissected by a main road. A nice first day in Malaysian Borneo and there is plenty more to come from this amazing Island! 

Best things to do in Kuching, Borneo

I go explore the city of Kuching and stumble across some amazing Museums which are completely free, learning about the culture of Borneo and the State of Sarawak is a really interesting experience. As always I like to do things on the cheap and in total today (even including my flight) I spend less than $30 (my flight was $12!!) showing that you can travel more for less!